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Kendra’s solutions for feeling hangry, cranky, and overwhelmed

Kendra on mountain top

Guest post by Kendra Wheeler, Kendra Wheeler, health coach, certified personal trainer, & the owner of fitGOALS Training. In our busy world, you have to make time for the things that are important to you, including yourself. If you make yourself a priority, your world will magically change for the better. Actually, it’s not magic. It’s […]

Every day Vanessa Child battles a deadly monster that is never satisfied

Vanessa Child

The monster Vanessa fights every day lives inside her brain. It tells her that she’s hungry — starving even — whether she just ate a snack or a three-course meal. She recently posted a selfie on Facebook with this caption: [Tweet “The Road to Success is Always under Construction”] “I don’t really give in to HIM,” […]

Still Hungry After the Banquet

Imagine being invited to a banquet only instead of being escorted to a table draped in damask set with fine china, sterling silver and linen napkins, and adorned with an elegant centerpiece, your host points to the floor and says, “Please have a seat.” Appalling. For what is a banquet if not a sumptuous feast […]