Conversations About Aging: Emma, 86

Time flies may be a worn-out cliché, but it’s true. Time does fly and the older you get, the faster it seems to move. For Emma, one night she was watching a comet in the night sky with a young man named Warren. And just like that, more than sixty years had passed and she was saying goodbye to that young man who had wooed her under the stars and not long after, became her husband.

In this Catching Health podcast, Emma and I talk about how she first met Warren, the wise decision she made to break up with him for a few years after they started dating, the heartbreaking decision she had to make decades later when he became ill, and how she has been coping since his death a year ago.

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A few pictures

Warren and Emma Gilman
Warren and Emma in 2015

The feeders are usually crowded with birds and sometimes, wild turkeys

Smile for the camera, Boots!

Who’s next?

Conversations About Aging airs every other Monday. My next conversation is with Jack, who is 74. For most of his adult life, he has struggled with bouts of anxiety and depression. In our conversation, two things stood out for me — people and art. He loves them both and I think that’s what keeps him strong.

If you have any suggestions for people I should consider interviewing or want to let me know about a helpful aging resource in your community, let me know. In addition to the podcast, I intend to blog about what various communities, organizations, and individuals are doing to provide age-friendly services, support, and connection here in Maine.

And if you’re interested in helping to build community around this podcast, please share the episodes. Feel free to also suggest other ways we might share these stories. The best way to get in touch is to send me an email. Thank you!

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