Raising sexually healthy children: Advice from an expert

Teaching your children about sex and sexuality is a daunting task for many parents. Jennifer Wiessner is a licensed clinical social worker and certified sex therapist in Cumberland, Maine. In this podcast, she gives some practical and helpful advice to parents who are struggling to find the right time and the right words.

Some resources recommended by Jennifer

For more information about Jennifer and her work, visit her website: Jennifer Wiessner: Healthy Sexuality. She also recommended these resources:

The Robie Harris series of books: 

  • It’s Not the Stork (4-7 years)
  • It’s So Amazing (7-10 years)
  • It’s Perfectly Normal (10+)

Sandy Caron, Ph.D. (Our own Mainer from U Maine) 

  • Birds and bees and more: How babies are made and families form (good for parent and child)

Cory Silverberg, MA 

  • What Makes a Baby  (3-7 years)
  • Sex is a Funny Word (8-10 years)

Leslea Newman 

Great for same gender parent families

  • Mommy, Mama and Me 
  • Daddy, Pappa and Me 

This is How We Teach Kids About Consent by Schroeder, Gillis, Utt and Royse (article) 

Amy Lang, MA  Bird+Bees+Kids (website for all things youth and healthy sexuality for parents)

Diane Atwood

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