To Root and To Rise: Accepting Brain Injury

Imagine that one day your life is going along as usual and the next it is totally upended, never to be the same. Carole Starr’s life changed forever in 1999 when she sustained a brain injury in a car accident. She could no longer continue her life as a teacher and amateur musician.

It took Carole many years to accept her brain injury and let go of her old life. Today, she is a keynote speaker, founder and facilitator of Brain Injury Voices, an award-winning survivor education, advocacy and peer mentoring volunteer group, and author of the book To Root & To Rise: Accepting Brain Injury. Listen to Carole’s inspiring story in this Catching Health podcast.

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Diane Atwood

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For more than 20 years, Diane was the health reporter on WCSH 6. Before that, a radiation therapist at Maine Medical Center and after, Manager of Marketing/PR at Mercy Hospital. She now hosts and produces the Catching Health podcast and writes the award-winning blog Catching Health with Diane Atwood.