Is walking as good for you as running?

Man walking in the woods

Source: Back in Motion Physical Therapy

Running is a great form of exercise and one that more and more people are doing. But what if it’s not your form of exercise? Maybe you’d rather do a brisk walk instead.

Is walking as good for you as running? I asked physical therapist Mary Kroth-Brunet, who co-founded Back in Motion Physical Therapy

“The things that running and walking have in common are:

  • They are both weight-bearing exercise ( good for osteoporosis)
  • They increase your heart rate and burn calories.

The main difference is that running increases these much quicker for the same amount of time and stresses your cardiovascular system more. To burn the same amount of calories walking you have to go twice as far as you would run. Running is also harder on the joints since there is more impact!”

Whatever it is that you like to do — walk, run, swim, bike … get out and do something! (I’m talking preaching to myself as much as I am to you!)

Diane Atwood

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