Yellow Dot Program in Maine

A yellow dot on the rear window of your car could save your life. Not just any yellow dot. This one, from the Yellow Dot Program.

This yellow sticker lets emergency personnel know that you have enrolled in the Yellow Dot Program and should have a packet of vital information in your glove box. The information includes who you want called in an emergency, your hospital preference, allergies, and necessary medications.

The Yellow Dot Program, which began in Connecticut in 2002, has been adopted around the country. Gorham police officer Ted Hatch heard about the program and brought the idea to the Gorham-Westbrook TRIAD, a group of law enforcement officers, senior citizens and community service providers that focuses on senior safety issues. Members thought it was a great idea and rallied to get other communities involved.

As a result, you can expect to see yellow dots on a lot of rear window in the near future.

The Yellow Dot Program will be rolled out in several Cumberland County locations on October 13.

Yellow Dot Program Kick-Off Events
Saturday October 13, 2012
9:00 am to 2:00 pm

  • Brunswick WalMart
    15 Tibbetts Drive, Brunswick
  • Falmouth Police Station
    2 Marshall Drive, Falmouth
  • Gorham Public Safety Building
    270 Main Street, Gorham
  • Gray Fire Department
    125 Shaker Road, Gray
  • Norman David
    665 Roosevelt Trail Rt. 302, Windham
  • Portland Fire Dept/Portland Police Dept
    Hadlock Field 271 Park Ave. Portland
  • Scarborough Public Safety Building
    246 US Rt. 1, Scarborough
  • Scarborough WalMart
    500 Gallery Drive, Scarborough
  • South Portland Public Safety Building
    30 Anthoine Street, South Portland
  • Southern Maine EMS
    474 Riverside Industrial Parkway, Portland
  • Standish Public Safety Building
    175 Northeast Road / Standish45e9
  • Westbrook Public Safety Building
    570 Main Street, Westbrook
  • Windham WalMart
    30 Landing Road, Windham
  • Yarmouth Fire Department
    178 North Road, Yarmouth

You can get more information about the kick-off events at The website also has a list of ongoing enrollment sites. If you don’t have internet access, call Gorham Officer Ted Hatch at (207) 222-1681 or Westbrook Captain Tom Roth (207) 854-2531. They’ll be happy to answer your questions.

What to expect when you attend a Yellow Dot Event

  • A public safety officer will take your picture (or, if you have a recent head and shoulders photo of yourself, bring it with you)
  • You will be given a card to fill out with your personal information
  • You’ll put the card in your glove compartment
  • The officer will put a yellow sticker on the rear window of your car

Emergency responders often refer to the “golden hour” — the first 60 minutes in a medical emergency or after a serious crash. What is done in the golden hour can spell the difference between a life or death situation. “The Yellow Dot Program is designed to help victims, especially elderly people, who aren’t able to communicate,” explains Officer Hatch. “The little yellow dot on your rear window has the potential to save your life. That should be reason enough to enroll, but it’s also easy to do and it’s free. I invite everyone to join us October 13 and sign up for the Yellow Dot Program.”