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Plant Based Buffet Courtesy Forks Over Knives

“The movie Forks Over Knives is coming to Maine this month and Meg Wolff, who is partly responsible for getting it here, highly recommends that we all see it

“The premise of the movie,” says Meg, “is that 80 percent of what ails Americans – from heart disease to cancer – can be prevented and sometimes reversed, by following a plant based diet.”

Meg Wolff

Meg is a firm believer. Thirteen years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer, just seven years after losing her left leg to bone cancer. Not willing to accept her doctor’s dismal prognosis, instead she decided to dramatically change her eating habits, and switched to a macrobiotic diet. Not only is she still very much alive, she feels wonderful!

“Many things started to improve in my life. I began sleeping through the night – something I’d had trouble with for five years. With my doctor’s OK, I weaned myself off heart arrhythmia medication. I lost weight, my skin got very clear, and chronic sinus problems and headaches cleared up. Ulcerative colitis that I’d dealt with for four years steadily came to an end. My thinking became sharper.”

Meg now eats a more modified plant based diet and enthusiastically shares what she has learned about the connection between what you eat and your health.  She recently published her fourth book,  A Life in Balance: Delicious, Plant-Based Recipes for Optimal Health.

After Meg and a friend went to the NYC premier of Forks Over Knives last month she was determined that it be shown in Maine as well.

The movie stars Caldwell B. Esselstyn, MD, a former Cleveland Clinic heart surgeon and T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., a longtime Cornell researcher who conducted 40 years of government funded research into plant based diets.

Forks Over Knives in Maine

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